Innovation Workshops that unleash the innovative thinking and ideas in your people to generate break-through solutions that solves your biggest challenges and seize your greatest opportunities

Team Workshops


  • Discover how to unlock their greatest untapped asset – innovative minds – to become rock star innovators
  • Identify and explore the changes, trends and ideas impacting their business
  • Develop the skills and tools for transforming change into their most leverageable asset 
  • Generate a range of innovative ideas to tackle their biggest challenges, bottlenecks and potential opportunities
  • Foster the energy and skills for continuing to apply innovation to all aspects of their work



  • Proprietary Innovation Quotient Edge Assessment For All Attendees
  • Facilitated One – Two Day Innovation Workshop
  • Proven Real World Innovation Exercises And Templates
  • Access to On Demand Innovation Portal For One Year

Leader Lab


  • Discover their unique Innovation Leadership approach so they can lead from a place of strength
  • Develop a rich understanding of the interplay between their team members’ Innovation Archetypes and how to optimize for greater collaboration and meaningful solutions
  • Access the tools and resources needed to ignite and maintain a culture of innovation
  • Generate real world action plans for developing a high performance team that is able to tackle any challenge and seize the best opportunities


  • Proprietary Innovation Quotient Edge Assessment for leader attendees and their teams
  • Facilitated Half Or Full Day Leader Lab Workshop
  • Proven Real World Tools And Templates
  • Access To On Demand Innovation Portal For One Year
  • Access to Exclusive “Captains” Content Inside On Demand Innovation Portal For One Year
  • BONUS: 2 Team Leaders Check-Ins To Share Best Practices, Showcase Success And Tackle Challenges

Rapid Experimentation


  • Discover how to apply innovative thinking and rapid experimentation to high potential ideas across their organization
  • Taken through a series of battle-tested innovation experiments designed to generate, test and optimize a range of product and service ideas
  • Tackle and develop their ideas from the internal, decision-maker and customer perspective
  • Explore, identify and overcome their ideas biggest barriers to success and areas of greatest opportunity
  • Develop the innovation skills to implement rapid experimentations across their businesses


  • Proprietary Innovation Quotient Edge Assessment for all attendees
  • Facilitated  One – Two Day Rapid Experimentation Workshop
  • Proven Innovation Materials and Exercises
  • Infusion Of Select Innovators From The LaunchStreet Community To Help Stretch And Develop Ideas
  • Access To On Demand Innovation Portal For One Year For All Attendees
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