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The Power of Your Everyday Innovator Style: Fueling Innovation, Influence, and Impact
Hosted by Tamara Ghandour
What you’ll learn in this 20-minute webinar:
** Why your innovation is the key to success in a crowded, competitive, commoditized world
** The tool and method that has helped tens of thousands across the globe be strong innovators and influencers
** How to discover your unique archetype; the key to your success
How the Everyday Innovator method can help you make the impact you seek, get you unstuck, stand out from the crowd, and elevate your game

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a fresh approach to

innovation that works

Unleash the untapped reservoir of your natural innovator talents. Be a high-performer, delivering unparalleled value. Unlock the human capital of your team, driving exponential innovation and growth.

Unlock your unique Everyday Innovator style; minimize the fear that holds you back, maximize confidence, build strong creative problem solving muscles, elevate your decision making, and propel forward

a fresh approach to

innovation that works

Your Everyday Innovator™ style holds the key to optimal performance, improved problem solving, and stronger decision making

Which Two Power Triggers are Your Source of Innovation and Influence? Which One Trigger is Your Dormant Trigger Sabotaging Your Efforts?

get the top tools to release your

Everyday Innovator advantage

…without the wasted hours, failed initiatives or getting stuck in exhaustion, burn out, and “how it’s been done” thinking.

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Unlock your greatest strategic advantage by taking the only proprietary neuroscience-based assessment, the Innovation Quotient Edge (IQE). Discover how your brain works at its best, where you thrive, what makes you in high-demand, when you self-sabotage (and how to avoid it) and more. Then access a series of totally personalized actions, insights and inspiration so you innovate, influence, and make an impact daily.

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Elevate your outcomes with the 7-module certification course. Strengthen the most sought-after skills in rapidly changing times – Everyday Innovator skills of analytical thinking, creative problem-solving decision-making, resilience and adaptability.  And get recognized for your contributions and impact by share your incredible worth in the marketplace, in your job, and your community.

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Leverage the top innovation method to be a sought-after, high-demand leader, advisor or coach. Build your skills and your value by getting licensed in the Everyday Innovators method. Deploy and teach inside your organization (creating massive impact) or sell as part of your coaching toolbox (increasing your fee drastically). The human-centered approach to innovation works because it provides the key to a strategic advantage at the individual, team, and organizational level.

This is what people say they experience when they unlock their Everyday Innovator styles

  • More Sought-After for Their Ideas

  • Generate Higher Revenues

  • Are in Higher Demand for their Leadership and Coaching

  • Get Promoted Faster

  • Recognized as a High-Performing Player

  • Achieve a State of Flow & Peak Performance More Often

  • More Confidence in Themselves

  • More Buy-In for Their Ideas

  • More Resilient and Easily Adapt to Change

  • Solve Big Problems Faster & Find More Opportunities for Success

  • Find their Point of Difference in a Crowded, Noisy World

  • Seen as More Influential by Others

  • Achieve Their Goals Faster

  • Feel More Satisfaction and Joy

“The undeniable truth is that every individual possesses an inherent innovator’s spark, a zone of unique genius. When you unleash your best brain, you ignite a cascade of extraordinary results that reverberate throughout every facet of your life. It awakens your best, most vibrant self.”
– Tamara

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