3 Tips for Everyday Innovators to Get Influence and Buy-In

Innovation is the lifeblood of any successful business, but it can be difficult to get the
support from those higher up in the organization. Many innovators feel like their voice is
not heard, and that their ideas are not taken seriously. It can be even harder to get buy-
in from clients. Here are three tips for everyday innovators to manage up and get the
influence and buy-in they need:

Tip #1: Give Them Something Small They Can’t Say No To

Winning the traction and momentum to keep your project or idea moving
forward requires giving your boss something small they can’t say no to. This
could be a minor task, an achievable goal, or a tiny gesture they feel good
about saying yes to. This act of giving can be enough to gain their trust and
approval, and once you have that, you will have the foundation to move
forward with your project.

Tip #2: Speak Their Language and Benefits

Your boss will be more receptive to your ideas and requests if you speak the
language and benefits they understand. Open up their minds by speaking the
everyday innovator style and language that relates to them. This could be a
technical language or a set of benefits that suit their needs. By speaking their
language, you can build a bridge between you and your boss, which is
essential for gaining their approval.

Tip #3: Bring Them Fresh, Relevant Insights

Bringing fresh, relevant insights to your boss will make them smarter and help
them make decisions. It’s important to do the work on the front end to not just
bring them information, but insights that fill their “insight bucket” and make
them more effective. Doing this will show your boss that you are thinking
ahead and can anticipate their needs, which is invaluable for any successful

These tips will help you manage up and get the influence and buy-in you need from
those in higher positions. It is important to remember that in order to be successful, you
need to be prepared and have done your research. Showing that you understand the
needs of those in higher positions and that you can provide solutions that make their job
easier will help you get their attention and make them more likely to take on your ideas.
In addition, it is important to remain positive and take small steps. Taking small wins will
help you build trust and get the traction and momentum you need to keep your project
or idea moving forward. By following these tips, everyday innovators will be able to
manage up and get their voice heard.

Don’t forget to be persistent and never give up on your ideas. Innovation is
worth fighting for and you can make a difference when you have the right tools. So fill
their insight bucket and keep pushing your ideas forward until you get the results you’re
looking for.


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