Don’t waste your time stuck in a rut or feeling like you are on a never ending hamster wheel. Use these 5 tips to get unstuck, when you need it most, i.e. when you feel overwhelmed and unclear.



#1 Different Beats Better

Different beats better every time. Better is a crowded hamster wheel you’ll never get off off. Different is the competitive advantage only you own. Focus on what makes you different and valuable, you’ll get unstuck, and go further, faster.


#2 Stale Desks Suck

Research shows your environment has a big impact on your mindset, your mood, and your actions. If your environment is stale, so is your thinking. If your environment is messy, so is your mindset. To think differently, simple change up your environment. Clean it up, add some color, put up something that inspires you.


#3 Look Elsewhere

Nothing gets you stuck faster than looking at the same problem in the same way, with your head down in the weeds. To spark new ideas, look elsewhere. Different categories, different people, different problems. To get unstuck look for inspiration outside your day to day world.


#4 Talk to a Stranger

Weird right?! Talking to the same people about the same things will only keep you standing in place, maybe backwards if those people are toxic. Go find people that can bring your naive intelligence, fresh perspectives, wisdom based on experience, and new ideas.


#5 Build on Gratitude

Gratitude does more than make you feel good. It minimizes stress and opens up your mind. Sometimes you get stuck because you are coming from a negative place so all you see are negative answers. To get unstuck, list out what’s working or going well and build off of that. Building on gratitude will take you to whole new places.


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