Six-Part Online Innovation Class: The Six Keys To Being A High-Performing Innovation Leader

6 Wednesdays: Beginning April 1st

✔️Online Training That Engages Individuals & Keeps Teams Feeling Connected

✔️Ignite Innovation Everywhere – remotely, at your desks, in the field

✔️Discover Tools To Thrive Through Uncertain Times



All attendees receive:

✓ Access to the Live Classes and Recordings ($570 value)

✓ Discover Your unique Everyday Innovator Style with IQE Assessment ($47 value)

✓ Keep the Innovation Fires Going Post Class with Access to IQE Pro Online Toolkit ($79 value )

This class is currently SOLD OUT – watch for information on our half-day summit coming soon!

Class One: The Neuroscience of Change For Everyday People
✓ Understand how your brain is wired that helps & hurts you.
✓ Unearth your internal resistors to change that are holding you back.
✓ Overcome your resistors and unlock your innovator.

Class Two: Become a High-Performing Everyday Innovator
✓ Take the IQE Assessment and unlock your unique Everyday Innovator style.
✓ Understand how to get into a state of flow & innovation.
✓ Recognize how your unique Everyday Innovator style leads to high-performance.

Class Three: The Real Definition of Innovation
✓ Learn the real definition of innovation that makes it actionable.
✓ Apply your Everyday Innovator style to ignite innovation.
✓ Build a common language of innovation for collaboration.

Class Four: Leverage Your Innovation Advantage
✓ Unlock your strongest voice & greatest worth.
✓ Understand how you add value & cause friction.
✓ Discover the keys to communicating in a way that gets buy-in.

Class Five: Build a High-Performing Team of Innovators
✓ Discover the foundational elements of a high-performing team.
✓ Learn how to tap the power of the diversity of thinking around you.
✓ Understand how to deal with everyone from legacy thinkers to change leaders.

Class Six: Ignite and Sustain a Culture of Innovation
✓ Identify the behaviors & drives of innovation.
✓ Recognize how to set expectations so innovation efforts don’t get killed too early.
✓ Understand how to avoid “launch & abandon.”


Wednesdays Beginning April 1st at 9 am PST/ 10 am MNT/ 12 pm EST

45 Minutes of  Powerful Insights and Actionable Take-Aways 

Followed by 15 Minutes Q&A

via Zoom Webinar
all classes recorded and shared with attendees

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