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we believe

Everyone is an Everyday Innovator

Innovation is a Mindset & Action

Radical Honesty is Essential

Different Beats Better Every Time

Working Right Trumps Working Hard

What Makes You Unique is What Makes You Valuable

Everyday People Make the Biggest Impact

Challenges are Opportunities in Disguise

Life is Too Short, Crowded, and Competitive to Settle for Mediocre



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Big Crazy Dream: Unleashing One Million Everyday Innovators into the World

  • Imagine the big complex problems we could easily solve…

  • Imagine the powerful opportunities we could create…

  • Imagine the joy and satisfaction we’d all feel…

Everyday Innovator Method

Based on neuroscience, behavioral psychology, change principles and 25 plus years of experience.

Tools designed on proven learning principles that maximize results in a time-starved, overworked world.