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The Power of Your Everyday Innovator Style: Fueling Innovation, Influence, and Impact
Hosted by Tamara Ghandour
What you’ll learn in this 20-minute demo: ​
Why your innovation is the key to success in a crowded, competitive, commoditized world The tool and method that has helped tens of thousands across the globe be strong innovators and influencers How to discover your unique archetype; the key to your success How the Everyday Innovator method can help you make the impact you seek, get you unstuck, stand out from the crowd, and elevate your game

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Critical Skills Report World Economic Forum

  I just read a mind blowing report and I couldn't wait to share! I think in these complex times we need stay ahead of the knowledge curve. Anytime I find a highly relevant report or information that is going to keep us all cutting-edge, I'll send it on. This

2024-03-05T12:48:48-07:00March 5th, 2024|

5 Keys to Making Yourself Future Ready

As I sit here on this Saturday morning drinking coffee and petting the dogs I can't help but think about you.I know that sounds a little weird, but I've been thinking a lot about what's coming down the road and how prepared we are to tackle whatever comes next.​​We've all

2024-02-24T11:36:01-07:00February 24th, 2024|

From Insight to Impact: Neuroleadership and Innovation as Catalysts for Transforming Human Capital into Organizational Strength

  In today's tumultuous world, embracing human-centered innovation is not merely beneficial—it's crucial for organizations aiming to thrive amidst continuous change and complexity. Sadly, a vast reservoir of potential, ideas, solutions, and opportunities often remains untapped because we, as leaders, overlook the most fertile ground: the minds of our human

2024-02-07T13:48:16-07:00February 7th, 2024|

How to be More Innovative – Two Step Process   As I navigated through my career, I encountered a fascinating realization: our brains aren't wired to innovate and analyze simultaneously. It's a bit like patting your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time – possible, but not without its challenges. I quickly noticed this pattern in

2024-01-26T10:59:41-07:00January 26th, 2024|

How To Get The Most Out Of Personality Assessments For Teams

  In today's dynamic workplace and changing world, understanding and connecting with the diversity on a team is crucial for fostering collaboration and optimizing performance. Personality tests can be powerful tools in achieving this understanding, building team trust, collaboration and success.    With a $7 billion dollar global market, personality

2024-01-05T07:11:56-07:00January 5th, 2024|

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