How To Be More Innovative At Work By Managing Your Energy Level


The biggest barrier to innovation is energy.

One of the biggest barriers to innovation isn't your ability. In fact, what we've discovered with our proprietary innovation quotient edge assessment and the tens of thousands of people that have taken it, is that everyone innovates. But how we innovate is unique to each of us. So, I know that you're capable of it. It's not the resources you do or don't have access to. If that were the case, only billion-dollar companies would innovate and we know that's not true at all. In fact, sometimes the lack of resources can lead to the most innovative ideas because you have to.

Managing your energy level is the key to how to be more innovative at work.

I mean who has the time to be innovative when you have a to-do list longer than your arm, seven meetings already scheduled on your calendar, and one big presentation - right before 5:45 today? So you think, let me just get through my to-do list and then I'll get to the innovative thinking. But by the time you do that - who has the energy? Who can be more innovative at work when you are mentally and physically tapped out? At that point all you want is a bottle of wine and a couch. Your brain and your body are exhausted and it's hard to be innovative when your whole being feels totally spent. Totally get it, I've been there, you are not alone. In fact every time I keynote, doesn't matter if the group comes from a fortune 500 company or a startup, the people who come up to me after share with me how they often feel too exhausted to innovate. That sucks and frankly it's keeping you from living your full potential. Your full potential begins with you tapping the power of your innovative mind, so let's dig into how to do that so you can be more innovative at work and in life.

So I want to share with you a few quick tips to avoid the 'too exhausted to innovate' feeling. Now if you already have access to our innovation on-demand membership site - you've got even more tools at your fingertips. For those of you new to this, here's a few tips for you.

1. Shift your mindset.

Everything starts here. Part of the reason you fall into the exhaustion trap is because you wait to innovate. Innovation is a mindset that you should bring to your entire day, not wait to engage in. The same is true for your teams. If you are feeling as if the people around you are also not bringing your their best game, it could be because they too feel too exhausted to innovate. Shift your mindset and the mindset of your teams and watch as the innovation begins to fly.

When you see innovation as a tool to help you tackle every challenge and opportunity, you'll begin to work smart, not hard. In many ways innovation is a never-ending well spring inside of us. We just have to access it. When we fully access our abilities, that's when we perform at our peak and bring those game-changing ideas to our work and life.

2. You get what you focus on.

Even with the right mindset we all need a little help. Instead of ending your day with innovation start with it. A three-minute innovation booster in the morning and you'll find that the rest of your day becomes more innovative. First you are priming the innovation pump, greasing the innovation wheels. Once you grease them, they'll move on their own. If you want to be more innovative at work you must shift your mindset and begin each day with innovation. I promise from there the ideas will roll in.

So start your day by focusing on innovation. We have a range of innovation boosters, or quick innovation exercises, on our website on-demand platform and in other videos so go there for more tactics. Even something as simple as doodling, asking three inciting questions, journaling, mocking up ideas will flip your entire day. Every day I begin by taking 5-minutes to prime the innovation pump with an exercise that gets me out of the weeds on of my to-do list and into the wide open space for new ideas . Interestingly, I find on the days I do that I have no problem being innovative at work regardless of the challenge or opportunity I'm facing. On the days where I skip it because I think my to-do list is too long, I struggle. Those days seem to feel more head down banging against a wall.

Remember, taking 3 to 5 minutes to do an innovation exercise is one of the most productive things you can do. I know it may feel like procrastinating or frankly like you aren't working but in reality the opposite is true. When you intentionally begin your day with just one easy innovation exercise you will find that the rest of your day is far more productive. I'll never forget a client of mine that said she was always afraid to take a few minutes to doodle her thoughts because she feared her boss walking buy and thinking she wasn't working. However, on the days she doodled she found that she was able to see challenges differently and find opportunities in the obstacles. Everything just seemed to go smoother for her. My point here is don't be afraid to look like you are "wasting time" for a few minutes. Those so-called wasted moments translate into massive productivity in your work. Not only are you actually able to get more done, you are able to get it done better.

Innovation exhaustion can be easily overcome by managing your energy with these simple innovation tactics and exercises.

Side effects may include uncontrollable aha moments, hallucinating, opportunities everywhere and leaving your desk at a decent hour.