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Top 5 Best Personality Tests For Personal and Professional Growth

You can take a test for just about anything. What character on Game of Thrones would you be? What’s your favorite color? Who would go to jail with you? Sure they are a fun distraction from work, but what do you really learn aside from what your 2018 theme word will be? Which personality tests…

change management principles

Change Management Principles – Get from Information To Insights

  One of the top change management principles is knowing how to get from information to insights. I’ll never forget one of my major frustrations when I was Vice President of a global brand strategy and innovation firm. It was that the junior people on my team and frankly sometimes our clients didn’t get the difference…

What is Disruptive Innovation – Know Your Core

  What is disruptive innovation? Let’s just throw a bunch of stuff on the wall to see what sticks. I’m sure you’ve heard that before. While that may be the go-to strategy for innovation for a lot of organizations it rarely works. When you employ the let’s see what sticks strategy you do the following….

How To Be More Innovative At Work By Managing Your Energy Level

How To Be More Innovative At Work By Managing Your Energy Level

  The biggest barrier to innovation is energy. One of the biggest barriers to innovation isn’t your ability. In fact, what we’ve discovered with our proprietary innovation quotient edge assessment and the tens of thousands of people that have taken it, is that everyone innovates. But how we innovate is unique to each of us….

How To Be Innovative

How To Be Innovative: Stop Saying, “I’m Not Innovative Enough!”

People today are asking how to be innovative. “Being innovative is universal, we all do it. However how we innovate is unique to each of us.” I know not what you expected me to say right? You were probably expecting me to talk about some magical gifts that are bestowed to certain people. Gifts that…

best business podcasts

The 7 Best Business Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

  The 7 Best Business Podcasts I listen to a crazy amount of podcasts. When I drive, in the shower, while cooking. Any time I can. I gauge how good they are by how often I share them with my team. If I find myself saying to my business manager “Laura, you have to listen…

How to Make Decisions – Try The Refrigerator Method

  How to Make Decisions – Try The Refrigerator Method Hey entrepreneurs! This one is specifically for you. If you are at the starting point of your entrepreneurial journey, you may be asking yourself how to make decisions about which ideas to pursue. You have several things that you’re passionate about, many great skills, and…

How to Be Innovative – Ask Inciting Questions

  How to Be Innovative – Ask Inciting Questions How to be innovative is found in the questions not the answers. But we have to pick our questions wisely. If we ask the same questions in the same way and even of the same people, it’s no surprise that we get the same answers. And…

Small Business Marketing Strategies – Avoid the Er Trap

  Small Business Marketing Strategies – avoid the ER Trap Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door. Do you remember that phrase? It’s attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson in the late 19th century. You know in those days it might have been true, but, today a better mousetrap…

The role of a change agent – why you should be a change artist instead

  The so-called experts out there talk about getting people to bring game-changing ideas to their next meeting or rattle the cages of status quo. They talk about creating change agents out of everyone. Let me ask you a question. What is the role of a change agent? More importantly: does that sound like something…

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