how to launch a new idea create

How To Launch A New Idea – create a blue ocean business

Wondering how to launch a new idea? Hey Tamara here. I am out testing a new invention on the testing ground floor and I thought this would be the perfect time to take a break and answer one of the questions I just got in because it’s pretty relevant to what we’re doing. Today the…

brainstorming tools for innovati

Brainstorming Tools For Innovation – Open Ended Questions

Brainstorming tools – it’s in the questions you ask. Hey Tamara here. I was working on a new innovation when this question came in and I thought it was so relevant to what I was even working on, that I had to take a break, come outside on this beautiful day and answer it. So…

how do i sell my products to big

How Do I Sell A Product – Be Irresistible To Customers

How to Sell A Product? Hey Tamara here. Taking a break from my laptop to answer one of your great questions. The question I got in today was: How do I make my product so big that another company wants to buy me? I think you might need to back up a step on this one….

ideas for more persuasive commui

How to Persuade People – What’s In It For Them

Want to know how to persuade people?  Hey Tamara here. I thought I’d take a break from work to answer a question that you submitted to me. The question is: How do I get my clients out of their old way of thinking and into the new? Now this question was submitted around clients, but…

get my team to listen to my idea

How To Get People To Listen To You – Feel The Pain Equals See The Possibilities

How to get people to listen to you? Hey Tamara here. I wanted to take a break to answer one of the great questions that came into The Shuuk, we get them all the time and encourage you to ask them, love them.  Alright, so this question is kind of a doozie but I’m going…

how do i get feedback for my sma

How Do I Get Feedback For My Small Business – Get In Your Customer’s Face

Get in the customer’s face to get feedback for my small business Alright this question confused me – I can’t lie, but I’m gonna do my best to answer it. The question one of you asked is related to how to get feedback for my small business: How do I get more integrated in the…

how do i handle no as an entrepr

How To Handle Rejection As An Entrepreneur?

Hey Tamara here. I want to take a break on this beautiful day to answer another one of your fantastic questions. Before I do that, you know what I’m going to say, go check out our amazing partners over the Colorado Maker Hub, they’ve got an incredible amount of resources for garage tinkerers and that…

how to build organizational inno

How To Build Organizational Innovation – Get Rid Of Lip Service and Get The Tools

How do you build organizational innovation? Hey Tamara here. First of all, go check out Colorado Maker Hub if you are an inventor, a garage tinkerer, this is absolutely one of the great communities for you. We love partnering with these guys. So I got a question in today that’s funny, it’s actually was funny…

top tips from successful innovat

Am I Being Innovative in the Workplace? – Know What Drives You

Hey Tamara here. I got a great question in that I wanted to take a second to answer.  Alright, here’s the question and actually I printed it out so I could read it because there’s so much juiciness in here that I didn’t want to miss any of it. Am I being innovative in the…

what does it take to make it as

What Makes a New Product Successful – Get In The Ring

What makes a new product successful? Hey Tamara here. I wanted to take a second to answer a question I just got in from one of you, which is: What’s the difference between a product that makes it and a product that doesn’t? Alright good question, I find that I get this in a lot…