Biggest Entrepreneur Mistakes To Avoid – Do Not Play The Low Price Game

  What are the biggest entrepreneur mistakes to avoid? Hey Tamara here, yet again eating at my favorite place because I can’t get enough, The Chop Shop on Colfax here in Denver. Definitely come and eat here, the food is amazing. Taking a second to answer this question because I feel very passionate about it….

culture of innovation with my te

Culture of Innovation With My Team – Know innovation profiles

  How do I create a culture of innovation with my team? You know, a lot of you asked me: How do you create a culture of innovation? And here’s the thing that I want you to keep in mind. It’s not always the most boisterous, the most colorful, that are most innovative. I know…

best creative thinking technique

Getting Unstuck – Creative Thinking Techniques

  How do I get unstuck? So, today’s question is an interesting one and that is: I am bottlenecked –  what are ways of getting unstuck? Well thanks Kyle for asking. Now, I could provide a ton of solutions, resources, tools for getting your product made and for getting unstuck. But here’s actually what I…

dealing with negative thoughts a

How to Overcome Negative Thoughts As An Entrepreneur – You Are In Your Own Way

  How to overcome negative thoughts as an entrepreneur? Hey there, Tamara here.  Now today’s question submitted by Brad is something that I think a lot of us deal with so you’re not alone Brad. And that is: How do I keep all this crazy head trash from getting in the way? Oh my god,…

my journey to get on entrepreneu

My journey to get on Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast and Doing The Unexpected

  My journey to get on EOFire podcast. This is about my journey trying to get on the popular podcast Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast with John Lee Dumas. If you want to hear one innovative tool I used to get on Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast with John Lee Dumas, watch this video. [offerform] You asked…

what is disruptive innovation

What is disruptive innovation – 3 ways you can launch a disruptive innovation

  What is disruptive innovation? Hey Tamara here, thought I’d take a break from today’s commute to answer Paul’s question about: What is the real definition of disruptive innovation? Now Paul, here’s the thing about this phrase disruptive innovation that everybody loves to use all the time. Be careful that you’re not getting into the…

handling objections to my ideas

Overcoming Objections To My Ideas – Dealing With Yes Butters

  How do I overcome objections to my ideas? Hey, Tamara here. So today I’m going to answer a question brought to us by Goran, who is in our community, and he wants to know something that many of us deal with which is: How do I get away from all the yes butters in…

get out of a creative rut break

How to Get Innovative Ideas – Break Up Your Routine

  How to get innovative ideas? Hey Tamara here! Thought I would take a break from lunch to answer a question that we just got in which is: How do I get more innovative ideas? I’m feeling really stale.  Alright, so Dale the question about being stale, how to get innovative ideas. I actually wanted to…

marketing ideas for small busine

Marketing Ideas For Small Business – Make It Tangible

  What are marketing ideas for small business? Hey Tamara here, mostly daily vLog. So today’s question is brought to you by Frankie. And Frankie wants to know: How do I get people to buy into my idea when it’s a service, something you can’t see? You know, a lot of us are in service…

how do i make a great product do

What makes a good business idea – does it solve a problem people will pay for

  What makes a good business idea? Hey Tamara here. So today’s question is an interesting one. The question is: What’s the difference between being persistent and being dumb and following an idea that is never going to work? Now I know in our business we’re supposed to say that there’s no such thing as…