how do i become an entrepreneur

What It Takes to be an Entrepreneur – Take The Leap

  Tamara here. All right Penny asked me a question that I wanted to take a second to answer because I do hear this often – particularly from people after I keynote and talk about innovation entrepreneurship. So the question is: How do I know if I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?…

what are the biggest mistakes en

What are the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make

  What are the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make? Hey Tamara here. Alright so today’s question is one that I actually get a lot and it was asked by Galvin Belson. The question is: What is the biggest mistake you see new entrepreneurs make? All right so first of all you’re not alone. I get this…

business not being innovative

Disruptive Business Examples – Who’s Not Being Innovative?

  Hey Tamara here. Alright today’s question I’m kind of excited about because it’s the opposite of what people normally ask me and allows me to go on a little bit of a rant. So the question I got is: What are disruptive business examples out there that are not being innovative? Alright so I…

how do i bring disruptive innova

How Do I Bring Disruptive Innovation To Market – Ask Yourself Why First

How do I bring disruptive innovation to market? Hey Tamara here. Now today’s question is brought to us by Quinn in our community. Quinn wants to know: If I want to disrupt a category what’s the first thing I should do? Well Quinn, there’s a couple things I want to tell you. First of all…

biggest mistakes entrepreneurs m

Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make – Knowing If Idea Is A Failure

  What are the  biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make? Hey Tamara here. Alright, so the question I got in today is one of those that makes you pause a little bit before you turn on the camera to answer and it was asked to me by Edison and the question is: How do I know if my…

Kodiak e

Examples Of Successful Product Innovation – These Caught My Attention

  At LaunchStreet, we constantly look for new ways to innovate and work to help people understand how they innovate. In our hundreds of podcasts and my 25 years of experience, we’ve learned that successful product innovation is the creation of successful innovators. What makes them successful innovators? They innovate in their own unique way….

how do i successfully launch a n

How Do I Successfully Launch A New Product – 7 Keys Of Sticky Innovation

  How do I successfully launch a new product? Hey Tamara here. The question I got in today is around something that I often talk about which is the seven tenets of sticky innovation. Over 20-plus years of doing innovation, I’ve come to discover what are the key things, those rules, those guidelines that you…

how to turn my invention from an

How To Turn An Idea Into a Product – And What If They Don’t Like It

  How to turn an idea into a product. Hey, Tamara here. Now, Hayley asked: What do I do if people don’t like my invention? Oh my gosh Haley, so I gotta tell you doesn’t it hurt? It kind of feels like they’re calling your baby ugly. That thing that you put out into this…

will a patent protect my idea an

How to Protect Your Business Idea – And Keep The Competition From Stealing It

  Keep the competition from stealing my idea Hey, I want to take a break from work because I got this great question from Paul. Paul asked: How do I keep the competition from stealing my ideas and my customers? Paul that is such an important question. It’s something that you should absolutely be thinking…

how do i become an entrepreneur

How To Become An Entrepreneur – Saying No To Cash Cows

  If you want to know how to become an entrepreneur look at  saying no to cash cows All right. Today’s question I think is so important, because it’s a dilemma that many of us find ourselves in. I know I’ve been in there before. So the question I received was: How do I say no…