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There IS crying in Innovation: Why Entrepreneurs Get Emotional

“Stop Crying.” “Pull yourself together.” “Don’t take it personally!”  Sound familiar? We are often told to leave our emotions at the door, especially when it comes to work. What if I told you that emotion leads to breathtaking innovation? This is an expert from Think Sideways: game-changing playbook to disruptive thinking. PS – it’s ok…

Think Outside The Box

It’s No Fun Being The Only One Outside The Box

// The following is an excerpt from Think Sideways: a game-changing playbook for disruptive thinking by Tamara Kleinberg. I have the honor of interacting with a lot of different people across the country. Some work in the field of innovation, others are entrepreneurs, and some are college students. Funny thing is that across all types…


5 Tricks For Going From Impasse To Insight

Do you ever feel like a broken record repeating the same tune over and over…and over again? It feels as if you can’t get away from your one and only idea. No matter how hard you try you are stuck at an impasse, unable to push the brain forward.   Some call it an impasse;…

You are fired

My dentist fired me and I think that’s awesome: The customer is not always right.

Last Friday I called up my dentist to make a long overdue teeth cleaning appointment and I learned the hard way that the customer is not always right. The conversation went something like this: Me: Hi, I’m calling to make a teeth-cleaning appointment Dentist Office: What’s your name? Me: Kleinberg Dentist Office: Is this Tamara Kleinberg?…

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10 Questions To Disrupt A Meeting

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3 Ways Being An Entrepreneur Is Like Chasing The Runner’s High

 As most of you know I’m a slow but avid runner. A few weeks ago the running community and the world was rocked by the tragic and horrific events at the Boston Marathon. In deference to the situation I chose to hold back this post for a few weeks. I now release this post in…

How To Be Innovative

7 Steps to Becoming an Innovative Person

When I first started taking  CrossFit classes, performing a handstand terrified me. I didn’t like to be upside down. After several years of training and competing, I often wonder why I was so afraid back then. When I first started flexing my innovation muscles, I felt uncomfortable at times too. At times I just didn’t…

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50 Shades of Innovation And Why Following A Mutation Can Mean Big Success

    I’ll admit it, I finally read 50 Shades of Grey. I mean, as someone in innovation I need to keep up with pop culture, even if it means reading a saucy, wildly inappropriate book.  So that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.   It wasn’t long before I found a blog post…

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Are you riding the roller coaster with your clients?

This morning, a colleague of mine called to tell me about a hysterical business trip she just went on with her clients. She is a focus-group moderator, which means that she gets paid to travel to new cities and talk to people about her client’s products—what they like, don’t like, marketing ideas, etc. She flew…

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Top Entrepreneur Businesses I Stalk to Become More Innovative

I’m a total stalker—and you should be too. That’s right, I’m encouraging you to go out and stalk people. No need to go through their trash, but you should browse their website, read their blogs, like their Facebook pages, and so on. I stalk people who I think are doing innovative things. I stalk them…