Five Podcasts That Will Help You Stay Relevant Gain the Advantage and Win In Other Words Be More Human in an Age of Technology Take over scaled

Five Podcasts That Will Help You Stay Relevant, Gain the Advantage and Win: In Other Words Be More Human in an Age of Technology Take-over

I often get asked questions such as, “How do I add value now that this software can do part of my job?” or “is there a role for me now that Artificial Intelligence is taking over the world?” My answer is always this: “You could find yourself on the fast path to irrelevancy or you…

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Burst of Innovation – Why Your Brainstorms Suck

Brainstorms are important and an easy way to get everybody together to collaborate, discuss, debate, and ultimately, innovate. But sometimes, you come out of them feeling as if you didn’t get the ideas that you needed, or that the same ideas were being rehashed, or that it was a complete waste of time. So, why…

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Burst of Innovation – Resistors and Drivers of Change

Do you remember playing tug-of-war as a kid? It was a game of two teams holding on to either side of a rope, and each team had to try to pull the other over a line down the middle. When it comes to change and innovation, that’s exactly what happens individually, in our teams, and…

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Burst of Innovation – How to Stay Relevant in Complex Changing Times

We’re all familiar with the old phrase “What got me here, is not going to get me there”.  Things continue to move fast and change quickly. The things that got us to success yesterday don’t always work moving forward.  A report by McKinsey predicts that for six out of ten jobs, 30% of their activities…

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Burst of Innovation – How to Get and Measure Strategic Thinking

    As a leader, you know it’s critical to today’s changing times to think differently about what’s in front of you. You need to get out of “business as usual” and break through the status quo. You need to push your team to be more innovative, to growth, and to seek out new opportunities….

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Burst of Innovation – Unlocking the “I” in Innovation

On any given day, how many processes do you have to follow? How many systems do you have to access? And, how many initiatives are you a part of? If you’re like most of us, it probably numbers in the hundreds. But here’s a better question. How many of these processes, systems and initiatives are…

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Burst of Innovation – The 3 Ways that Failure Sparks Innovation

Why is Failure Important to Innovation? Failure and innovation go hand in hand. But why is it, that failure is a word we hear a lot more of in business? Many companies use it, almost as their mantra. People say things like, “Love your failures” and “You can’t succeed without failure.” These things are true,…


Burst of Innovation – Fear, Comfort, Constraints

Innovation efforts kick off around the world on a daily basis. Unfortunately many of those innovation efforts fail. Let’s take a look at three key reasons why innovation fails.  FEAR Fear hits you in the gut. Fear of failure, fear of consequences, fear of looking stupid, fear of looking worthy…the list goes on. Fear shows…

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What My Suitcase Taught Me About Stress, Change And Innovation

I’ve been living out of a suitcase for the past three weeks.  That doesn’t sound too bad if you are on vacation. But in my case, it involved two kids, a dog and not having any idea where we were going to live. I sold our home of 12 years faster than expected and couldn’t…

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Why Innovation Fails and How to Avoid It

Have you ever heard or felt any of these sentiments?  “People were so excited and then things just went back to business as usual.” “Leadership announced our new innovation initiatives at the company-wide meeting but then I didn’t hear another word about it.” “There was a lot of fanfare in the beginning but then it…