how do i stay motivated as an en

How To Motivate Yourself As An Entrepreneur – goals and consequences

How do I motivate myself as an entrepreneur? Use goals and consequences. Uh, what?! This question could not have come at a better time. The question is: As an entrepreneur how do I keep the motivation going when nobody is breathing down my neck for things? I will tell you what, my motivation has been seriously put to…

what are key performance indicat

What Are Key Performance Indicators – Know The Difference Between Vanity and Traction

What’s the difference between vanity and traction? Hard earned lessons about innovation and entrepreneurship. Raw. Uncut. Hey Tamara here, taking a break to answer another one of your questions. As you can tell I’m a little chilly today. So, the question that came in is: How do I know what metrics to follow to know if I’m on…

the most innovative people not a

The Most Innovative People – Not Always The Ones With Original Idea

Who are the most innovative people? Hey Tamara here. I took a second to break from my meeting to share something with you, I think this will be of value. So this morning I was talking to a colleague of mine and she was saying, you know Tamara, sometimes I feel like I get stuck, like I’m doing…

how to turn my invention from an

How To Turn My Idea Into A Product – Get The Passions To Profits Building Blocks

  Got an idea? This is how to turn my idea into a product. Hey everyone, Tamara here. I’m taking a break from my laptop to answer another one of your questions. This one, I think I get it a lot, but in a lot of different forms. So, let me see if I can break…

how to launch a new idea create

How To Launch A New Idea – create a blue ocean business

Wondering how to launch a new idea? Hey Tamara here. I am out testing a new invention on the testing ground floor and I thought this would be the perfect time to take a break and answer one of the questions I just got in because it’s pretty relevant to what we’re doing. Today the…

brainstorming tools for innovati

Brainstorming Tools For Innovation – Open Ended Questions

Brainstorming tools – it’s in the questions you ask. Hey Tamara here. I was working on a new innovation when this question came in and I thought it was so relevant to what I was even working on, that I had to take a break, come outside on this beautiful day and answer it. So…

how do i sell my products to big

How Do I Sell A Product – Be Irresistible To Customers

How to Sell A Product? Hey Tamara here. Taking a break from my laptop to answer one of your great questions. The question I got in today was: How do I make my product so big that another company wants to buy me? I think you might need to back up a step on this one….

ideas for more persuasive commui

How to Persuade People – What’s In It For Them

Want to know how to persuade people?  Hey Tamara here. I thought I’d take a break from work to answer a question that you submitted to me. The question is: How do I get my clients out of their old way of thinking and into the new? Now this question was submitted around clients, but…

get my team to listen to my idea

How To Get People To Listen To You – Feel The Pain Equals See The Possibilities

How to get people to listen to you? Hey Tamara here. I wanted to take a break to answer one of the great questions that came into The Shuuk, we get them all the time and encourage you to ask them, love them.  Alright, so this question is kind of a doozie but I’m going…

how do i get feedback for my sma

How Do I Get Feedback For My Small Business – Get In Your Customer’s Face

Get in the customer’s face to get feedback for my small business Alright this question confused me – I can’t lie, but I’m gonna do my best to answer it. The question one of you asked is related to how to get feedback for my small business: How do I get more integrated in the…