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soft skills of success 2022

The Six Soft Skills that will set You Apart and Give You the Edge in 2022

[ PDF Download ] In a complex and competitive marketplace, the right soft skills can set you apart and give you the edge.  These 6 soft skills will help you stand up and succeed in the next normal    ✔️   Innovation ✔️  Resilience ✔️ Communication ✔️ Leadership ✔️ Decisiveness ✔️  Openness    

why am i time starved all the time productivity innovation

3 Tips to Get Your Time, Energy, and Creative Mojo Back When You Feel Time-Starved

[ Article ] These three tips will help you get back more of your time, energy, and creative mojo, especially if you feel time-starved, overworked, or like you are spinning your wheels.   #1 Ditch the To-Do Lists for To-Time Lists:   To-do lists are never-ending. The minute you remove one task, three more get added…

8 strategies highly innovative leader are using to bring value to their organizations

8 Strategies Highly Innovative Leaders are using to Bring Value to Their Organizations

  [ PDF Download ] Leading teams through change can be tough, especially if you don’t have the right tools. In this guide, you’ll find 8 strategies that will help you be a confident innovator and strong leader.  These strategies have come from real leaders that are bringing incredible innovation and value to their organizations. …

if you culture killing or igniting innovation

Find Out If Your Culture is Igniting or Killing Your Innovation Efforts

[ PDF Download ] Find out if your company or team culture is helping or hurting your efforts to innovate and succeed. And learn some quick tips for creating a culture of innovation, from any starting point. ✔️ ELUSIVE or TANGIBLE ✔️ EXCLUSIVE or INCLUSIVE ✔️ COMPLEX or SIMPLE ✔️ FORCED or OWNED  

Virtual Meetings Can Be More Innovative Than Live

Burst of Innovation – Three Ways Virtual Meetings Can Be More Innovative Than Live

Watch the video to learn three ways your virtual meetings can be more innovative than live meetings. My team and I are committed to supporting you through change by providing you as much value for FREE as possible. We’ll be live every Monday and Wednesday at 9 am MNT for 10-minute bursts of innovation. I’ll…

Create real collabotation with virtual teams

Burst of Innovation – Create Real Collaboration With Virtual Teams

Watch the video to learn how to create real collaboration with virtual teams.  Through this time of uncertainty, the need to innovate and adapt couldn’t be more essential. My team and I are committed to supporting you through all this by providing you as much value for FREE as possible. For the next 3 weeks…

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Burst of Innovation – Why Your Brainstorms Suck

Brainstorms are important and an easy way to get everybody together to collaborate, discuss, debate, and ultimately, innovate. But sometimes, you come out of them feeling as if you didn’t get the ideas that you needed, or that the same ideas were being rehashed, or that it was a complete waste of time. So, why…

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Top 5 Best Personality Tests For Personal and Professional Growth

  You can take a test for just about anything online. Want to learn what character on Game of Thrones you would be? What’s your favorite color? Who would go to jail with you? No doubt these are a fun distraction from work, but what do you really learn? Not much. But you can learn…

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How to Be Innovative – Ask Inciting Questions

  How to Be Innovative – Ask Inciting Questions How to be innovative is found in the questions not the answers. But we have to pick our questions wisely. If we ask the same questions in the same way and even of the same people, it’s no surprise that we get the same answers. And…

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7 Habits of Highly Innovative People & aha moments

Great innovation often comes with magical stories about a brilliant light bulb going off and the innovator then running around town like a mad man. We call it the “aha” moment. A moment when the idea, solution or opportunity we’ve been waiting for hits us like a ton of bricks – or an apple on…