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How to Be Innovative – Ask Inciting Questions

  How to Be Innovative – Ask Inciting Questions How to be innovative is found in the questions not the answers. But we have to pick our questions wisely. If we ask the same questions in the same way and even of the same people, it’s no surprise that we get the same answers. And…

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Small Business Marketing Strategies – Avoid the Er Trap

  Small Business Marketing Strategies – avoid the ER Trap Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door. Do you remember that phrase? It’s attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson in the late 19th century. You know in those days it might have been true, but, today a better mousetrap…

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The Most Innovative People – Become one by thinking about your favorite brands

The Most Innovative People – Become one by thinking about your favorite brands   This morning I was talking to a colleague of mine and she was saying: you know Tamara, sometimes I feel like I get stuck, like I’m doing my task, my mundane exercises and I almost forget to be innovative, like I can’t do it…

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The Real Enemy Of Innovation Is Indifference

This is what I’ve been hearing from conversations with my clients… The innovative ideas that are going to truly move the needle are trapped on presentation slides because they couldn’t get traction… Or, there isn’t a real culture of innovation where bold ideas get heard and innovative team members are highly valued… And, their organizations…

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Define Your Target Audience – Are You Solving Their Problems

Define Your Target Audience Hey there, Tamara here. Obviously a little bit chilly today, but I wanted to take a break and answer the question that just came in, which is: How do I know if I have the right target audience? Well, if you’re asking that question about your business something’s probably not going…

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How To Launch A New Idea – create a blue ocean business

Wondering how to launch a new idea? Hey Tamara here. I am out testing a new invention on the testing ground floor and I thought this would be the perfect time to take a break and answer one of the questions I just got in because it’s pretty relevant to what we’re doing. Today the…

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Examples of Most Innovative Businesses – Wine and Crossfit

What are examples of most innovative businesses? Hey Tamara here. I want to take a break from eating lunch at one of my favorite restaurants Chop Shop, come enjoy them. To answer one of your questions, this is one of my favorite ones. Alright here’s the question. The question is: What are some of the…

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How Do I Create A Game Changing Product – You Work Hard And Change The Category

  How do I create a game changing product? Hey Tamara here. Alright, so today’s question that one of you asked gets my feathers ruffled just a little bit. The question is: How do I take a game changing product idea and turn it into a billion-dollar business? Alright I’m going to get to the…


Biggest Entrepreneur Mistakes To Avoid – Do Not Play The Low Price Game

  What are the biggest entrepreneur mistakes to avoid? Hey Tamara here, yet again eating at my favorite place because I can’t get enough, The Chop Shop on Colfax here in Denver. Definitely come and eat here, the food is amazing. Taking a second to answer this question because I feel very passionate about it….

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My journey to get on Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast and Doing The Unexpected

  My journey to get on EOFire podcast. This is about my journey trying to get on the popular podcast Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast with John Lee Dumas. If you want to hear one innovative tool I used to get on Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast with John Lee Dumas, watch this video. [offerform] You asked…