Change Management Principles - Get from Information To Insights


One of the top change management principles is knowing how to get from information to insights.

I’ll never forget one of my major frustrations when I was Vice President of a global brand strategy and innovation firm. It was that the junior people on my team and frankly sometimes our clients didn’t get the difference between information and insights. Hence they didn’t know how to turn observations, especially customer observations, into innovation.

We’d do these big research phases and my team would create these beautiful presentations to synthesize all our learning. But all I’d see up on the screen were bullets of information. I could have read that in an email. Our clients weren’t paying us a quarter of a million dollars for information. They could get that anywhere. They were paying us for the insights that came out of that information. The juicy value is in the insights, not the information.

You are in the same position I was. Information inundates your leadership team. They don’t need more.  They need your insights to make sense of all the information. If you want to provide stand out value, you need to bring insights, not the information, and there’s a big difference between the two.

Information is the data, the research, the content. It’s knowledge communicated or received.

Insights on the other hand, are the patterns, trends and ideas that emerge from that information. It’s the relationship of that information into something usable.

I think we confuse the two because:

  1. We are trapped in information overwhelm and never get to real insights.
  2. It takes some creativity to elevate your thinking.

Many of our peeps on LaunchStreet share with me how they are so inundated with daily tasks and overwhelmed with the flood of data that they receive that they don’t have the time or the energy to innovate. I’ve tackled that in a separate video so stay tuned.

For now, we’ve got to do two things:

  1. Find ways to get rid of that unnecessary work on our desks and strip away the data that’s just creating noise to get to the thinking and the analyzing phase faster.  
  2. Actively ask ourselves what does this information tell us?

Remember, the magic and your value happens in uncovering those nuggets of insights that lead to smart and innovative decisions. So get out there, elevate your thinking and your game.

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