How To Get Work Done Fast – 50:10 rule



Want to know how to get work done fast? Today I wanted to come to you with a tool that I use that I think you will find valuable. I was engaging in a conversation with someone on LaunchStreet this morning and they asked me, “How do you get it all done? You must work like 24 hours a day.”  Here’s the thing, I don’t and in fact “the more hours equals the more you get done” is a total myth in my opinion.
Life is too short, instead of focusing on more hours to get work done and be highly productive, I focus on high quality, in the flow zone work. And here’s something that I’ve created for myself that I hope you’ll use because I think you’ll get a lot of value out of it.

It’s called the 50:10 rule.

Basically what that means is,  “I am you know, head down, get it done for 50 minutes. I set a timer, I don’t check email, I’m not on Facebook. Then when my timer goes off, I take a ten-minute innovation break to clear my head. In fact, I’m on one of those breaks right now. That’s why I’m sitting outside. So for 50 minutes, I get it done and then an alarm goes off and I get up and I do something innovative. Or, I take a walk or do deep breathing or do an exercise to get me into that flow.
50:10. I would really encourage you to try it. I think what you’ll find is, you get more done and higher quality work done in that same time versus trying to plow through it and just keep going.
Now with that said, my 10 minutes are up so I’m heading back inside.


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