I just read a mind blowing report and I couldn’t wait to share! I think in these complex times we need stay ahead of the knowledge curve.

Anytime I find a highly relevant report or information that is going to keep us all cutting-edge, I’ll send it on. This came across my desk this morning.

According to a report in the World Economic Forum:

Between now and 2026, businesses predict that 44% of workers’ core skills will be disrupted. WOW, that’s not in the future, that’s today and around the corner!

Here are a few of the top ten skills deemed of greatest importance:

** Analytical thinking

** Creative problem-solving

** Resilience, flexibility, and agility

** Curiosity

According to this report from the World Economic Forum, those that don’t master these skills will be left behind. Let’s make sure that isn’t us!

As I always say, it’s about being able to have your feet firmly under you and ready to tackle any headwind or tailwind that comes your way with ease and velocity!

I’m deeply honored that our proprietary IQE assessment and insights from the Everyday Innovator archetypes is the tool that helps people unlock and leverage these essential skills. It’s the tool that helps people be future-ready!

I’ve always known that people’s innovative minds are their ultimate strategic advantage in changing and complex times, and this article from the World Economic Forum, highlights the importance of these skills, right now and into the future.

Run, don’t walk to strengthen and sharpen these skills. We all have them, it’s just a matter of understanding, elevating, and using them daily!

** Sharpen your problem-solving, analytical thinking, innovation, and resilience skills **

** Get recognized for your ideas, influence, and impact **

** Stand out in a sea of sameness and rise above the masses of mediocrity **

** Elevate your worth with your manager, boss, or clients**

** Become the MVP of your team, organization and community!**

For those that want to be ready for anything that comes their way, strengthen these critical skills, and show your worth, get Everyday Innovator Mastery Certification. It’s a way to show the world you stand strong in the critical skills of success!

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