Burst of Innovation – Disruption and Distraction

Disruption and Distraction how to not let them sabotage you With the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak spreading, many of us are in lockdown and our normal lives have been shaken up. We’re trying to figure out new routines, while at the same time, dealing with the uncertainty and change around us. Disruption and distraction can definitely sabotage us at this time, but they can be managed with the right tools to minimize their impact.


Manage Your Energy

The energy that you have is finite. When the energy you have is spread too thin across too many different things, disruption and distraction have a chance to enter. Everyone is dealing with a lot right now and trying to manage all of this at once causes our energy, productivity, and focus to go down tremendously because we are pulled in too many directions. 


Here are two tools that can help you manage your energy to keep it focused on things that matter. 


Start Your Day Strong

Particularly in these times, but even in our regular lives, it can be tempting to turn on the news or log into everything that’s happening around us the minute we wake up. When we do that, we automatically put some of our energy bandwidth into those issues and into anxiety and stress. Instead, we can choose to start the day strong. Do one thing that makes you happy or feels positive, whether that’s connecting with a friend, walking the dog, or having a great cup of coffee. Starting your day strong helps you avoid throwing your energy bandwidth all over the place. 


Have Kitchen Table Conversations

Everyone is going through challenging times, and we are sometimes too much in our own heads. Having a conversation around the kitchen table with a group of friends (virtually!) can help you get all your negative thoughts, fears and worries out of your head, and give you the energy bandwidth to focus on important things. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can choose to journal out these thoughts. The key thing is to get these thoughts out of your head and to clear up your mental energy to focus on the essential things.


Get into a State of Flow

A lot of us have heard about being in a state of flow, where you are totally focused on what you’re doing and working at your maximum potential to create, innovate and strategize. In that state, disruption, and distraction, while possibly still present, do not affect you. Yet, for many of us, getting into that state seems difficult.


Fortunately, it’s not that difficult, and we can actually get into a state of flow any time we want using certain exercises. If you have taken the Innovation Quotient Edge (IQE) assessment, the full report has some exercises that are specifically designed for your unique style of innovation, to trigger that state of flow in your brain to help you innovate.


Another exercise that can help is ‘antennas up’, which I’ve described in my book, Innovation is Everybody’s Business. Think about a brand or business that you absolutely love, and ask yourself: If they were to solve my problem, how would they do it? It is a very simple exercise, but thinking about things in your personal life that you love, puts you in a positive mood, opens up a sense of discovery, and makes you more willing to explore new ideas.


Invest in Yourself

There’s nothing that makes you feel better, more focused, and gets distractions out of the way, than doing a little something for yourself. Whether it’s online learning or a fitness challenge, whatever makes you feel good about yourself and moves the needle forward for you helps to minimize the distractions and disruptions that are happening around you.


If you are looking for ways to invest in yourself, we have two offers. First, join the live video sessions every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:00 a.m. – I will be tackling similar topics such as how to transform uncertainty into opportunities, and you can also ask questions. Second, we’re offering a 3 Hour Innovation Summit: Transforming Obstacles Into Innovation and Getting Through Uncertain Times Stronger on the Other Side that you can join to learn more about igniting innovation and thriving through uncertainty.


Give Your Brain a Break

Did you know that it takes our brain five to seven minutes to transition from one task to the next? However, instead of giving our brain a break in between tasks, what we often do is go from task to task to task without a break. Our brain needs to have completion on one side, and then to open up on the other side to focus on the next task. Going from task to task to task opens you up to distractions because your brain is not operating at full speed. 


What you can do to ease the transition between tasks is to take a movement or meditation (but not Netflix!) break of five to seven minutes. Movement not only feels good in your body, but it also gets the blood flowing which gets more oxygen to your brain. Physically speaking, movement helps you be more productive and focused, and less susceptible to all the distractions out there. Meditation is also helpful as a break between tasks to give your brain that moment it needs to catch up. By providing your conscious and subconscious mind the time that they need to actually process, decompress, and move on, you can reduce the effect of disruptions and distractions when they occur.


It is inevitable that disruptions and distractions creep into our lives. At this time, it is especially important that we find ways to be focused, attentive and productive. Using these techniques – managing your energy, getting into a flow state, investing in yourself and giving your brain a break – can help to minimize or reduce the impact of distractions and disruptions.


Which of these strategies are you going to implement to improve your bandwidth and focus on the tasks that matter?


Watch the video to learn how not to let them sabotage you. 

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