Don’t Become The VCR

9 year old: what is this?

41 year old: it’s a VCR tape with my high school graduation on it

5 year old: give it to me I will open it up

41 year old: you don’t open it, you play the tape in it

5 and 9 year olds: what is a video tape?

41 year old: it’s the stuff on the inside that holds the pictures on it

5 year old: you are wrong, you just need to ask it to play and it will

9 year old to VCR tape: Siri, play tape

41 year old: we need a VCR player to watch it

5 year old: let’s download the app on your iPad

41 year old: never mind, do whatever you want with it

9 year old to 5 year old: we can pull out the tape and block off our fortress….


Kids will always set you straight. When I was growing up the VCR was high tech. Today it is obsolete. A great reminder that just because something worked once doesn’t mean it will work today. That applies not just to technology but to our strategies for tackling challenges and harnessing opportunities as well.


The strategies that worked 5 years ago are not going to work today. Why? The world around us in a state of constant change. The world, your marketplace, isn’t going to stop changing because you are static.


You must change and evolve with the world around you.


Don’t become the VCR. – Tamara

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