Don’t Innovate If…

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Don’t Innovate If:

  • You believe things are good enough and couldn’t get much better
  • Status quo makes you so happy you get that warm fuzzy feeling
  • Your brain feels so full that you couldn’t possible learn any new facts
  • You consider new experiences as something to be avoided at all costs
  • There is no argument in the world that could make you change your mind
  • You talk to people with arms crossed, leaning back and closed off
  • Rolling your eyes is so second nature you don’t even realize you do it all the time

Do Innovate If:

  • You believe there is always room for improvement
  • Status quo makes you want to throw up
  • Your brain is an empty vessel ready to take in new ideas
  • You love that heart pumping feeling you get when you step into the unknown
  • You listen to hear, not listen to talk next
  • You lean into every conversation and may even be considered a close talker
  • You considering rolling of the eyes as a total insult

You can decide to be innovative or get left behind. Choice is yours.