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Get Certified Today. Start 2024 with the Competitive Edge You Need to Differentiate, Innovate & Win. Next masterclass cohort begins February 19th.

“The power of human-centered innovation resides in its ability to elevate the mindset and the actions of the individual, the connection and collaboration of the collective, and the impact of the environment.”
– Tamara

Calling Coaches, Consultants, Entrepreneurs

Everyday Innovators certification & membership

The human-centered approach to innovation works because it unlocks the potential inside the individual, creates high-performing teams, and helps organizations gain a strategic advantage.

Your Membership Includes:

KickOff Celebration & Webcast

We’ll celebrate our new coaches (that’s you) and kick off your journey with our webinar training and celebration.  We’ll set the foundation for success, and share best practices that will help you get the most out of your membership, training and implementation. You will immediately be able to access this webinar in your private Coaches Platform.

Live Town Hall Meetings

We’ll share the latest Everyday Innovator research, share best practices from your peers, and learn about new tools on the platform to help you grow your reach and impact. We are also known to to Pop-Up Deep Dives when a relevant topic or question comes up from the community.

Comprehensive & Actionable Training in Proprietary Method

Optimize your time and elevate your knowledge, with content-rich videos, live sessions, and the tools you need to deliver innovation anytime, anywhere.

Segment One: Understanding human-centered innovation, IQE and Everyday Innovator styles
Segment Two: Leveraging your Everyday Innovator Style for Success
Segment Three: Integrating the IQE into Your Work for differentiation, value and impact.
Innovation Activity Guides and Activities: Templates, guides and activities for you to unlock Everyday Innovators and ignite innovation.
Research Articles & Links: Review the latest research on neuroscience, creativity, mindset, and more 

Receive Your Digital Starter Kit & Elite IQE Coach Certification

Your Digital Starter Kit & Certification Materials Include:

  • IQE Sales, Marketing & Delivery Downloads
  • Digital IQE Power Trigger Cards
  • Your IQE Custom Codes & Links

Ongoing Training, Community & Support

Support and lessons from experts and fellow Elite IQE Coaches. The latest tools, insights and information, keeping you highly relevant and in demand. Live deep dives, weekly innovation bursts, training sessions and Q&As so you can stay connected, enrich your value and create the biggest impact possible.

Access Your IQE Elite Coaches Private Platform 24/7

Your online platform includes top tools, the freshest thinking, and latest research, providing the tools you need to continue to deliver value and move with the changing needs of your team, colleagues or clients.

experiences of some of

elite coaches

Tens of thousands of people across the globe elevate their innovation, influence and impact with our proven methods, and now you can deliver it to your clients too!

Jessica, Individual Participant

The masterclass and certification elevated my game. It really put my Everyday Innovator style into action, and gave me the edge! It’s become my personal brand – what I’m known for, the value I deliver, and how I’m different. I’ve upped my game and my income.

Anthony, Footers
IQE Certified Coach & Consultant

When I step on stage in front of an audience I know having the IQE as part of my presentation is going to wow them. It’s helped me stand out from the crowd and build a lasting client list for my culture consulting.

Chris, Arlosoul
IQE Certified Coach & Consultant

Taking the masterclass and being a elite coach has given me a huge advantage over my competition, and given me a tool that makes highly sought-after by clients.

ready to elevate to the next level with

masterclass & certification

Add massive value to your clients, generate more revenue, and differentiate yourself from the competition.

What You Get

  • IQE Certification and IQE Elite Coach status for as long as your membership is active

  • IQE assessment discount purchase of $20/IQE ($99 retail) to resell, utilize and leverage in your products and programs

  • Training in proprietary Everyday Innovators Method for leaders, coaches, consultants, & entrepreneurs

  • Live training events including Town Halls, Deep Dives & Q&As

  • 24/7 access to Elite IQE Coaches Platform

  • Ongoing support, training, events, community and connection

** Get Certified Today. Start 2024 with the Competitive Edge You Need to Differentiate, Innovate & Win.

The Awesome Guarantee

Access the Certification Masterclass for 14 days and if you aren’t convinced being an Elite IQE Coach is going to help you grow your value and impact we won’t charge you. All you have to do is email us within the first 14-days to say “Hey, this isn’t for me” and we’ll part ways.