From Barriers to Breakthrough 5-Day Challenge


Bring your biggest roadblock and dream desire, and I’ll provide a customized roadmap and proven exercises.
Together, we’ll transform your barriers into breakthroughs and overcome what’s holding you back so you can achieve what you deserve!



I’m amazed at how I had more clarity and solutions that I had the past 6-months!

Jessica, NYC

In 5-days I not only solved my biggest roadblock, I created new opportunities for myself that I didn’t think possible. Thanks Tamara!

Brad, Minneapolis

I will be doing these every time you release one. I’ve done 3 and each time I learn something new that gives me answers, and a process to repeat. Every day seems easier.

Terri, Santa Rosa

Amazing experience. Brilliant process. High recommend!

Matt, Denver

Day One: Breakthrough Blueprint and True North

Unveil the mechanics behind achieving breakthroughs and unlock the keys to applying your unique Everyday Innovator® mind and master the art of pinpointing real challenges worth solving (or crystalizing big opportunities) and setting your direction for meaningful innovation and solutions

Day Two: Expand Your Edge

Customized innovation drills to stretch your creativity, push the boundaries of possibilities, and generate a wealth of meaningful ideas.

Day Three: Deep Exploration

Deepen your ideas with personalized, activities to dig deep and discover the nuggets of gold that are going to move you forward

Day Four: Rise and Repeat Strategies

Filter your standout ideas, moving the right ideas forward and the wrong ideas aside, and design a blueprint for being an Everyday Innovator, every day

Day Five: Magic and Momentum

Celebrate your wins, share big ideas, and discover the key to creating momentum and traction by committing to your big opening move and creating a smart experimentation plan.

Take the Academy 5-Day Challenge:

Sign up if you are ready to challenge assumptions, break through roadblocks, and leave obstacles in the dust. Bring your biggest challenge, frustration, goal or dream, and we’ll generate a wealth of innovative and meaningful ideas that will move you from barriers to breakthroughs.

Who Joins:

People feeling stuck in a rut, ready to be strong Everyday Innovators, and discover the breakthroughs that can meaningfully change their lives. This might be launching their dream business, getting promoted, getting paid what they are worth, finally getting rid of that sticky problem that wastes all your time and energy. This is not for people who want to stay where they are in life.

Your Commitment:

An immersive 5-day experience, Monday – Friday. You’ll receive an email every morning with a personalized activity designed specifically to unlock your best brain [ based on your Everyday Innovator archetype ], taking you on a personalized journey that gives you clarity, removes mental blocks, opens up opportunities, and creates positive momentum.

[ For the live session there is a daily Q&A interactive webcast where you can watch, learn, listen, ask, share, and connect ] [ For the online session, you can watch the recordings of all live sessions – kickoff, Q&As, and Celebration ]

“In the journey from barriers to breakthroughs, the key lies in unleashing the power of your mind, amplified by the solidarity of community and the foundation of the right tools at your fingertips” – Tamara


If after going through the challenges, doing the activities, and engaging, you don’t feel like you
received 10x the value of what you paid, we’ll give you a 100% refund