Change comes in many forms. It can be slow, accelerated, deliberate, intentional, anticipated, or unforeseen. It can be received as a challenge or an opportunity, sometimes both. It can cause stress, concern and doubt. Or it can create energy, excitement, and joy.

What’s become undeniable is that rapid rates of change and uncertainty are the world we live and work in. Hence, what’s become imperative is our ability to be adaptable, navigate change and drive innovation.

It’s also become essential that we leverage our uniqueness to differentiate ourselves in a stressed out, cluttered marketplace.

The narrative that keeps most people from becoming strong leaders and innovators in times of change is what I call the “traps of certainty.” This states that being an Everyday Innovator is only for:
* certain people
* certain times
* certain processes
* only when certainty exists (which we both know it doesn’t)

This narrative would also have you believe that being an innovator (strong creative problem solver, strategic thinker, decision maker) is exhausting and requires massive heavy lifting.

This keeps you stuck in place and just adding to the noise around you.

To break free from the traps of certainty, the myth that being innovative is exhausting, and a bland existence all you need to do is discover your unique Everyday Innovator style – your natural innovation strengths.

Our research found that there are 9 triggers, or ways that we as humans innovate. Each of us has two power triggers that hold the key to our wellspring of innovation, peak performance, and confident voice. We also have the presence of a dormant trigger that is our least powerful place and must be avoided so that we don’t sabotage our own efforts.

Your Everyday Innovator style is unique to you. What makes you unique IS what makes you valuable.

The infographic shows how the 9 triggers differentiate you and help you navigate change. It holds the key to how you lead, navigate and even harness changing times.

How will you gain the edge in today’s uncertain world?