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how to innovate when your business has hit the decline

Jump the Curve

What do you do when your business hits a decline, downward trend or are even at the top of your game but you see the competition squeezing you and the customer changing their demands? In this video I’m going to show you how to do something I call, jumping the curve to new paths to…

Managing Fight Flight or Freeze

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Forget Outside the Box Innovation

Overcome Fear Comfort Constraint with One Drawing

Overcome Fear, Comfort, and Constraint with One Drawing Exercise Over time, you believe that being an innovator isn’t for you. You train yourself out of using your natural innovation strengths. They become weak so, when you do try to be innovative, you find it hard and exhausting, only validating that you aren’t the innovative one. Then, the internal…

4 Traps of Certainty that are Killing Your Innovation Efforts

soft skills of success 2022

The Six Soft Skills that will set You Apart and Give You the Edge in 2022

[ PDF Download ] In a complex and competitive marketplace, the right soft skills can set you apart and give you the edge.  These 6 soft skills will help you stand up and succeed in the next normal    ✔️   Innovation ✔️  Resilience ✔️ Communication ✔️ Leadership ✔️ Decisiveness ✔️  Openness    

To Change Anything You Need the Push and the Pull

[ PDF Download ] For many, the New Year represents an opportunity for change. Whether that’s at the personal level with resolutions that require a change in habits, like losing weight or getting a promotion, or at the team level with new initiatives or objectives.  Once you decide to make a change, the question then…

7 keys to launching a product

The Seven Keys to Building and Launching an Innovative Product

[ PDF Download ]Most products and services just add to the noise. This checklist will ensure your ideas have the best chance of success, resonate with your customers, and have a lasting impact.  Over 25-plus years of being in the innovation field, I’ve come to discover that there are seven keys to launching a new…

why am i time starved all the time productivity innovation

3 Tips to Get Your Time, Energy, and Creative Mojo Back When You Feel Time-Starved

[ Article ] These three tips will help you get back more of your time, energy, and creative mojo, especially if you feel time-starved, overworked, or like you are spinning your wheels.   #1 Ditch the To-Do Lists for To-Time Lists:   To-do lists are never-ending. The minute you remove one task, three more get added…

8 strategies highly innovative leader are using to bring value to their organizations

8 Strategies Highly Innovative Leaders are using to Bring Value to Their Organizations

  [ PDF Download ] Leading teams through change can be tough, especially if you don’t have the right tools. In this guide, you’ll find 8 strategies that will help you be a confident innovator and strong leader.  These strategies have come from real leaders that are bringing incredible innovation and value to their organizations. …