How To Get People To Listen To You - Feel The Pain Equals See The Possibilities

How to get people to listen to you?

Hey Tamara here. I wanted to take a break to answer one of the great questions that came into The Shuuk, we get them all the time and encourage you to ask them, love them.  Alright, so this question is kind of a doozie but I'm going to break it down to one simple thing that I think is going to make a difference. The question I got in is:

How do I make my enterprise, so my organization, prioritize the product that I'm working on, because I know it's going to make them money?

The problem is they don't feel enough pain to actually prioritize it and go after it. Hopefully I paraphrased that right for you. Here's the hard truth, if they don't feel the pain they are never going to go forward with it. So there's nothing that you can do to convince leadership convinced your boss, whoever it is it has to sign off, that this is important unless they're feeling pain.

I want to share with you a little story that I actually expand on further in my book Think Sideways and it's the story of the post-it note. Now I think we all know super innovative Art Fry came up with it. He was actually working on a superadhesive and failed and came up with this instead and that turned into the post-it note. Here's the part of the story that most people don't know. When he came up with it, he went to leadership and said I think I've got something the world will love and they said nope, no commercialization, this is not a good idea, it will never make us money.

Can you imagine the world without post-it notes?


But Art Fry didn't give up then, they didn't see his pain, but he knew the possibility. So do you know what he did? He created post it notes, he gave them to all the assistants of the leadership, all the secretaries in the organization, because we all know who actually runs the show. They used them for two weeks and when they were all done, they all called Art and said hey we need more post-it notes and Art said no. So you know they did next? They went to their bosses, those same people that make those decisions and they said we need post-it notes and that's when leadership said Wow! I feel the pain, I see the possibility. So find a way to make them feel the pain, it's the only way they're going to see the possibility.

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