Get People To Listen To My Ideas – Stop Them From Zoning Out

Get People To Listen To My Ideas – Stop Them From Zoning Out

Hello my people. I had to take a second to answer this question because I know while most of us don’t want to admit it, it is something that’s happening to a lot of us and this brave Shuuker actually felt the need to ask the question:

How do I get people from zoning out when I talk about my new ideas of my business?

First of all, you’re so not alone, it happens all the time. Most of us just don’t want to admit it’s happening. Here’s the deal, if people are zoning out while you are going on and on and on and on about your business, it is because you are talking to them about the product and not about them. You’re talking about the features, not the benefit. What I’ve learned over time is to avoid talking about the details of my product, my service, whatever it is. I don’t talk
about that, instead I talk about what it does for them. And then the second thing I do is I ask them a lot of questions. What kind of pain in this area do you experience? What kind of benefits are you looking for? So stop boring people with all the nitty-gritty about your product. They don’t care, yet think about what’s in it for them, then people will listen to you.

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