Toxic people are like emotional vampires that suck the energy right out of anyone they come into contact with. They aren’t always obvious at first but over time you feel the impact of their game. As Everyday Innovators, toxic people are the ones that throw unnecessary landmines in your way and find every reason to shut down your ideas and your momentum.

There are a great deal of articles out there about how to avoid toxic people, but not nearly enough on how to identify nutric people. Nutric people are the polar opposite of toxic people. While toxic people absorb energy and attention, nutric people lift up and energize others. Not only that, nutric people tend to be innovative thinkers that seek opportunities for themselves and those around them. They are honest, “how can we” people.

Nutric people are the ones you want around you as you dare to do bold things in 2023. 

As I was writing this up, I was talking to one of my team members about this article. I said, “I want to give people a tool to identify nutric people so that as Everyday Innovators we could surround ourselves with people that support and elevate.”

 She said, “Sometimes I feel like I get toxic and I think this will actually help me move out of that state when I get into it.” She went on to tell me how when she’s in a toxic state she can’t see the forest through the trees and her innovative mind shuts down. Everything is a problem. But when she’s nutric it’s like all engines are firing and she can see the ideas and solutions right in front of her. And she’s more helpful to those around her too – a better collaborator. 

Perhaps this infographic will help you surround yourself with the right people and avoid the wrong people. Or perhaps it will help you be more nutric in your own work and life. I hope it helps you give the finger to all mindsets, actions and people toxic. 

Download my infographic, share it with someone that needs it. Be nutric. Surround yourself with nutric Everyday Innovators. 

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