Good Business Ideas – Is it worth pursuing?

Good Business Ideas – Is it worth pursuing?

I’ve got a ton of good business ideas so now what? How do you know which ones are worth pursuing and which ones aren’t? You know people often say to me, I think in an effort to be innovative, but there’s no such thing as a bad or a wrong idea. I call BS on that. In reality, not all ideas are created equal. Some won’t work because the timing isn’t right, because it’s just not a good idea, given your goals. Some are better because they fit your criteria or help you stand out and accomplish something in the marketplace. The reality is, some business ideas are worth pursuing and some simply aren’t. But, how do you know? And, how do you make sure that you aren’t filtering out too soon? At the front end, you want to go wide, explore all the options, get all the possibilities out on the table like I did.
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The Secret to Getting Buy-In For Your Ideas

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But, the key is, once you’ve done that, is to have a system for filtering your ideas down. And, you know, even if you had a million ideas, a million great ones, you can’t pursue them all. None of us, big or small, have the resources to go after every idea. What you need is a smart filtering tool to help you move the right ideas forward and shelve the wrong ideas. So, I’ve created a very simple filtering tool that can be done solo and also works great with teams. I’ve done this several times with leading companies with great success. It’s called the stop light method green, yellow, red. Watch the video to learn how to decide if your good business idea is worth pursuing.

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