5 mistakes leaders often make which turn high-performing players into mediocre doers.

#1 Expect Everyone to Step in Line:
Ignoring the incredibly power of the diversity of thinking in the room (people want to be valued for who they are as individuals, as Everyday Innovators)

#2 Failure to Recognize and Reward Contributions:
Humans have a deep desire to solve, create, build and be recognized for what we bring to the table (it’s part of human design to want to be a strong creative problem -solver)

#3 Ignoring Feedback and Input:
Nothing like a black box of ideas that never go anywhere to stop people from speaking up and speaking out (it’s why every time you ask for ideas you get silence)

#4 Punishing Failure:
Creating a “play it safe” culture where people are afraid to implement their boldest ideas (a culture of forgiveness outperforms a culture of punishment and reward)

#5 Micromanage:
Even the most high-performing players will eventually stop being proactive and giving that extra effort if their boss’s thumb is always on them. (A players want the space and responsibility to achieve outcomes, not tasks)

What mistakes do you see leaders make the sabotage work culture and demotivate the team?