Tamara Ghandour
Founder, Innovation Enabler
Experiential + Risk Taker

As the pioneer of human-centered innovation, president of LaunchStreet and the creator of the Innovation Quotient Edge Assessment, Tamara Ghandour knows what it takes to drive innovation and growth daily. She has run multi-million dollar businesses and launched a few of her own. She has learned from her successes and most importantly her failures. When you push your cart down the aisles of Target you pass brands and products that have benefited from Tamara’s disruptive approach. When companies like Disney and Army Research Labs want to up their culture of innovation and foster innovative thinking, they call Tamara. She is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and has been featured in media outlets across the globe. But her most meaningful accomplishment happened as a kid in computer camp when she won the “I’ll Try Anything Once” award – a motto she still lives by. She is a sought after keynote speaker that ignites change, Crossfit addict and knee high sock lover.

Secret Sauce: Igniting Innovation in Others

Favorite Movie As A Kid: The Princess Bride

Who Would Play Tamara In A Movie About Her Life: Gal Gadot

Laura Telatnik
Business Manager
Collaborative + Tweaker

Laura is the illustrious keeper of all things, a positive and distinguished extension of the LaunchStreet brand. Her calm, cool and collected demeanor keeps everything running smoothly around the office. When you need to get in touch with our team, Laura is your go-to point of contact.

Secret Sauce:

Favorite Movie As A Kid: The Sound of Music

Who Would Play Laura In A Movie About Her Life: Reese Witherspoon

Chris Chopyak
LaunchStreet & IQE Partner
Instinctual + Collaborative

Who is this woman with hand full of markers and a light bulb in the other? Christine (Chris) Chopyak is a creative entrepreneur/business woman supporting businesses, universities and NGOs across the globe with skilled facilitation, visual strategy, and innovation. Using battle-tested tools of the trade, Chris has the uncanny ability to combine strategy and big systems thinking with pictures and color, turning the humdrum of strategy sessions, everyday meetings, or forums into the extraordinary. Over the past 20 years, Chris has brought fun, clarity and focus to the challenges facing many organizations. This focus translates into action and growth – who doesn’t want that?

One of the key differentiators for Chris and her company, Arlosoul: Visualize Innovation, is the use of strategic illustration/visual strategy to inspire growth. Chris is able to weave robust and challenging content, quality conversations and storytelling to produce a “picture” of the solution that provides direction, brings clarity and is exciting to deliver.

Secret Sauce: Inspired Visual Innovation

Favorite Movie As A Kid: Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Who Would Play Chris In A Movie About Her Life: Meryl Streep

Anthony Lambatos
LaunchStreet & IQE Partner
Tweaker + Collaborative

Anthony Lambatos grew up in the catering business working for his father and founder of Footers Catering in Denver, Colorado. Anthony and his wife, April, purchased the business in 2010 and have successfully made the transition to a second-generation family business. Anthony helped oversee a move for Footers Catering in 2012 from their home of 20 years to a new 13,000 square foot facility and revenue has doubled since the purchase of the business. In 2015 the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce named Footers Catering “Small Business of the Year”.

As a sought after speaker, Anthony is passionate about helping business owners create a culture that allows their businesses to thrive. He specializes in leadership and management of teams with a focus on operational structure, employee engagement and creating a culture of innovation. Through advanced hiring practices and coaching techniques he has helped business owners reduce turnover and his formulas for tracking performance help companies build a foundation on which they can grow. Anthony graduated from the University of Oregon with a B.S. in Business and in Economics and In 2010 he was named one of Denver’s top 25 most influential young professionals in Denver by Colorado Biz Magazine.

Secret Sauce: Inspiring Awesome Cultures

Favorite Movie As A Kid: Happy Gilmore

Who Would Play Anthony In A Movie About His Life: Ben Affleck


Mitchell Telatnik
Community Liason
Imaginative + Collaborative

Mitchell manages LaunchStreet’s social media profiles and communities; bringing fun and business education to online communications. Despite the notoriously hot climate, Mitchell started attending the University of Arizona for an undergraduate degree in 2016. In his free time, he enjoys writing music and playing guitar.

Secret Sauce: Revolutionary Communications

Favorite Movie As A Kid: Hercules

Who Would Play Mitch In A Movie About His Life: Chris Pratt