I have walked by this desk 1,000 times and never gave it a second thought. I was wrong to do that.

Yes it’s an antique desk. Probably expensive, but nothing more than that. It’s not special, it’s not rare, and frankly I don’t even like the design.

So why are my son and I now fighting (in a playful way) for ownership of that desk?

Because last weekend my dad told us a story. A story about that desk.

Einstein used to sit at that desk and work. That’s right, one of the greatest minds of all time used to come over to my grandmother’s house and sit at that desk and scribble his ideas on paper.

That desk has Einstein’s mojo all over it and my son and I want it!

How much does story impact value? How much does your story, the personal brand you bring to work and life every day, impact your value?

Just ask my dad what happened after he told us about the desk.

Don’t let people walk by you a thousand times not knowing your value. Decide your story. Tell your story. Express your worth.



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