How Can I Be More Innovative – Innovation is Daily Practice

How can I be more innovative? 

I want to answer a question I got in, which is: how can I be more innovative and generate more ideas when I’m brainstorming? Sometimes I get stuck at five, ten ideas and I need more. All right, there is a fundamental flaw with that question, I’m sorry for those of you that asked it, but I’m just going to say it.

If you are waiting ’til your 3pm brainstorm with your scented markers and your blank easel pads and expecting to get all whole range of ideas it’s not going to happen.

The mind is like the body, if you want to get stronger, if you want to build your muscles in your body, you go to the gym. If you want to build your innovation muscles, you need to exercise them daily as well.
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There’s a lot of things you can do. In fact, I have a challenge coming up in January, think of it as a brain booster to unleash your innovation metabolism all day long. So hang tight, that’s coming, you can pre-sign up if you want to. But, for now what I want you to think about is the reason you get to that 3pm brainstorm and can’t think of anything beyond the usual is because you’re not exercising your innovative muscles everyday. Daily practice matters, you’ll get so much stronger. If you’d like to sign up for our next 14-day innovation booster you can do so HERE.

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Innovation is daily practice…





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