How Do I Get Feedback For My Small Business - Get In Your Customer's Face

Get in the customer's face to get feedback for my small business

Alright this question confused me - I can't lie, but I'm gonna do my best to answer it. The question one of you asked is related to how to get feedback for my small business:

How do I get more integrated in the testing process so that the product is optimized for distribution?

Here's what I say. Nothing integrates better , which means better feedback for my small business, which means better optimization, than picking up the phone and talking to your customers, than standing face-to-face and talking with your customers. You can't hide behind the survey, you can't hide behind an email, you gotta have face to face, phone to phone, if people even do that anymore, interaction and really hear what they're saying.


So get your why questions in there.

  • Why do you like this?
  • Why don't you like this?
  • Why is this working for you?
  • Why is this not working for you?

Nothing beats that conversation. I tell you what, all the best insights, all the best changes I've made to my business, and believe me I have made a ton of them, is because of a one-on-one, one to a couple interaction that I've had, I've been able to dig and ask and that's how you get truly integrated, you stay connected with your customer.

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