How Do I Sell A Product - Be Irresistible To Customers

How to Sell A Product?

Hey Tamara here. Taking a break from my laptop to answer one of your great questions. The question I got in today was:

How do I make my product so big that another company wants to buy me?

I think you might need to back up a step on this one. So before I answer that question, I'm going to say your first question should be how do I make a product so great that it is irresistible to the customer. If you do that, the other big companies will come.


I suspect, and what my experience actually has been, and I think that's also true for other entrepreneurs and inventors out there is that, when we focus on:

How do I get sold?

How do I get bought?

How does another company acquire me?

We actually missed the boat and end up creating something kind of crappy because we have our eye on the wrong thing. So instead of focusing on that, I want you to back up and say how do I build something so irresistible that my customer and the marketplace cannot live without it and then eventually, I bet, you'll find that question gets answered
very easily.


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