How Footers Catering Uses The IQE To Innovate and Win

Real Life, Innovation at Work Examples

Nobody understands that "innovation is everyone's business" more than the President of Footers Catering, Anthony Lambatos.

With a behind-the-scenes team at headquarters and a customer-facing team on the front lines, Anthony understands that spending energy on building an innovative culture is essential to the success of the business. He recognizes that a team that innovates can outperform the competition and outmaneuver the marketplace. His company offers great innovation at work examples.

Anthony has been using LaunchStreet’s Innovation Quotient Edge Assessment™ (IQE) as a foundational tool to accomplish an outstanding culture, and as he says “Deliver awesome to each and every client.”

5 Ways the Footers Team Uses the IQE™

All Team Members Know Their Unique Innovation Power Triggers 

From the president to the kitchen staff to the drivers, everyone at Footers knows their unique Innovator Archetypes (their natural style of innovation). This understanding empowers them to bring their best self to work daily and be high-value contributors to their teams. Imagine how powerful it would be if everyone on your team was able to unlock innovative thinking and find solutions to your biggest challenges daily? It’s exactly what is happening at Footers Catering.

Everyone's IQE Results are Visible

Everyone’s IQE results are posted on their office door. Team members get a reminder each time the stop by each other's offices. Think about that for a second. How valuable would it be, if every time a team member walks up to your desk, they're reminded that you are an Inquisitive Risk Taker. They'll be reminded of how you innovate and how best to leverage your talents. You’ll also have a reminder of your own innovation superpowers every time you sit down to get work done. You better believe that’s going to lead to more innovation on your part.

All New Hires Learn Their Innovation Archetype

Every new hire at Footers takes the IQE showing them, not only that they're cared about, but that their skills and contributions are valued.  The IQE helps Footers know they're not only hiring the right people, but also leveraging them best. Think how having new hires take the IQE would help you build a team full of diverse thinkers and then be able to leverage their strengths to the fullest.  It would shows everyone at your company that you want them to not only do their jobs but also provide creative solutions. And, in the war on talent, a key criterion for job seekers is working for a company where they feel valued and heard.

As an Icebreaker

At Footers, the IQE gives everyone, from the longest term team member to the newest, common ground. It gives them something to talk about and share. And we know, everyone wants to talk about themselves, even a little bit. What better way to get to know each other and build camaraderie than to discuss IQE results? At Footers, they share how it shows up in their work, stories about when they used it to provide exceptional service, or even where they struggle. The IQE provides meaningful and intentional insights into each other and can continue to be applied as they continue to work together.

To Kick Off Business Meetings

When the Footers team gathers, they mean business. They have problems to solve or new product pipelines to build. But, instead of kicking off a meeting with a typical “If you could have dinner with anyone, either dead or alive, who would it be?", Footers makes it more innovative and personal. They bringing out the team IQEs and use them to ignite new ideas. This can be the difference between a meeting full of incremental ideas that may move the needle versus game-changing solutions that lead to serious results. What's better than a meeting where everyone participates and brings forward their best, most innovative thinking? Can you imagine what your next meeting would be like if that happened?

Teams that innovate, compete to win. To help develop teams more, we created the affordable IQE Pro Innovation Toolkit: Team Edition