In a time when people are stressed out and burnt out, it’s easy for conflict to occur. Sometimes it seems that the simplest question, conversation, or meeting sparks unnecessary conflict. While you are trying to move your ideas, decisions and projects forward that conflict only leads to spiraling down the negativity drain, stuck in a rut or spinning your wheels in place. I’ve learned that the key to productive conversations isn’t in the objectives, or who is in the room, it’s in the questions you ask. In this episode I’m going to cover the key keys for how to ask questions that spark meaningful conversations that move you forward, not conflict that holds you back.

  • Ask open-ended questions (not yes or no questions)
  • Get specific (not general)
  • Ask for a story or example (take out assumptions of understanding)
  • Follow up three times (go deep)
  • Be curious like a kid (push your expertise and knowing aside)
  • Ask about reactions (don’t respond to them)
  • Ask what questions you didn’t ask (you don’t always know what to ask)

Tamara’s Everyday Innovator style is Risk Taker Experiential. What’s yours?