What does your personal brand have to do with how you innovate? As I explain in this short video, everything!

Whether intentional or not, your personal brand is out there. If you are that person that shows up negative and complains, that becomes your brand. If you show up always looking for solutions, that becomes how people see you. If you make an effort to lift the people around you up, that’s what people expect of you. If you are always throwing others under the bus and looking for fault in them, that’s what people come to expect of you in all areas of work and life.

And on a more specific level, knowing your unique Everyday Innovator style helps you decide how you show up – the mindset, the behaviors, the actions. It helps you be in alignment and those around be get crystal clear about who you are and the massive value you bring.

If you are always looking to the future and driving ideas that push yourself and others forward, that’s your personal brand (hint -you’re a Futuristic Collaborative Everyday Innovator style)

If you are always asking challenging questions that helps people get unstuck and is great at pulling out what’s important in a sea of clutter, that’s how people come to know you (hint -you’re an Inquisitive Fluid Everyday Innovator style)

If you are constantly pushing boundaries and putting things into motion, that’s what people seek you out for (hint – you’re a Risk Taker Experiential Everyday Innovator style)

Like my mentor said, “the decisions about your life and career are being made when you aren’t in the room.” Be sure you know what you stand for and how you live it daily!

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