How To Build Organizational Innovation - Get Rid Of Lip Service and Get The Tools

How do you build organizational innovation?

Hey Tamara here. First of all, go check out Colorado Maker Hub if you are an inventor, a garage tinkerer, this is absolutely one of the great communities for you. We love partnering with these guys. So I got a question in today that's funny, it's actually was funny timing, as I just had to deal with this last week actually. The question one of you asked me, one of you shuukers, is:

What is the biggest barrier to organizational innovation, to making that actually part of the culture?

There's a lot of things, and I could go into kind of culture and, you know, the elephants in the room and all that, and yeah, that's all true. But here's what I'll tell you is the one biggest influence on organizational innovation.

It's lip service. I see it all the time.

Here's what happens, leadership:

  • says innovation's a priority
  • makes it part of their values
  • they put it up on a plaque on the wall
  • says we're going to talk about it
  • benchmark people against it

But at the end of the day, it's all lip service unless you give your people the tools to be more innovative as well.


Leadership says I want my people to be more innovative it's really important and then the people, the team's the employees are left trying to figure out how on their own and when that happens, when there's a disconnect between making it a priority and actually investing and giving people the tools to become more innovative and to create that culture of innovation, the whole thing is going to fall apart. I see it all the time, leadership has good intentions, they're excited, but, if you don't give people the tools, nothing's gonna happen.

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