Everyone has a product, a process, or a system. Those things don’t change with change. People do.

In a world characterized by constant flux and commoditization, I’ve come to understand that the true source of competitive advantage lies not in products or processes (someone can outdo you tomorrow in these areas), but in the untapped potential of human capital—particularly the Everyday Innovators within an organization.

Here are 7 tips for unlocking human capital and creating your team’s/organization’s advantage:

#1 Cultivate a culture of curiosity and experimentation (not perfection)

#2 Foster cross-functional collaboration (get rid of silos)

#3 Create a culture that values and respects diversity (not group think)

#4 Encourage risk-taking and resilience (avoid playing it safe)

#5 Provide platforms for sharing and recognition (avoid territorial infighting)

#6 Invest in continuous learning and development (avoid launch and abandon)

#7 Recognize that change is constant (not a point-in-time exercise to be managed)