How To Handle Rejection As An Entrepreneur?

Hey Tamara here. I want to take a break on this beautiful day to answer another one of your fantastic questions. Before I do that, you know what I'm going to say, go check out our amazing partners over the Colorado Maker Hub, they've got an incredible amount of resources for garage tinkerers and that might be you, go do it, you won't regret it. Alright, so the question I got in is:

As an entrepreneur I'd like to know how to handle rejection.

How do inventors constantly invent things, get rejected, and then keep going in the hopes of finding the right thing?

Well I'm going to bounce a question back to you and ask, why is it rejection? I'm assuming you're saying when someone says no or someone doesn't like your idea, but I don't know that has to be rejection. I'd say that's actually a mind state that you need to work on. Here's the thing about it and here's how I look at it.

One no often means that there's another yes out there somewhere.

Someone telling me:

  • no... they don't want it
  • no... they won't distribute my product
  • no... they're shutting down my idea to me

That just means okay fine I gotta go look over here for something else as well.

You know I recently interviewed Tim Burke, who is the inventor of Super Rope Cinch and I would go check out the podcast I did with him you can get it on iTunes just type in The Shuuk and entrepreneur. And he said a couple things I thought were really important around this concept of rejection. He said, you know Tamara, a no today is just a point in time, that's it. It doesn't mean it's going to be a no tomorrow. So, when someone tells him no, he thinks great, I'm just going to reach out to you a month later, a year later, five years later. A no is just a point in time thing. I love that idea!


So what I want you to think about and what I want everybody else out there thinking about who's may be afraid to bring something out there because of the this idea of rejection, of being shut down. Whether it's a product or a new process improvement for your company, whatever it is. The thing that I want you to think about is rejection is actually a mindset. If you start to think about it as its not rejection, it's just an opportunity to look elsewhere for the yes, your entire mind shift and your entire feeling around fear of getting your ideas out there will totally change.

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