Yesterday I was answering audience questions on my podcast. One of our live listeners asked, “how can I be more fearless?” Great question, but…

You can’t be fearless.

Fear is hardwired into us. It’s part of the human design. What you can do is push through your fear, or even harness it. So, if you want to be the one that doesn’t hold back, that goes for the big, bold idea, that launches that business, or asks for that promotion, try this:

✅ Remove the pressure of trying to be fearless (it will stop you in your tracks)

✅ Ask yourself, “what could go right?” (not just what could go wrong)

✅ Know how you override your primal brain and tap your zone of genius (that’s your Everyday Innovator archetype)

✅ Remember, regret for not pursuing your dreams is much worse than the initial fear of taking the first step