It feels like that moment when you are standing on the edge of a decision or action to only talk yourself out of moving forward?

Your primal brain, that voice of fear, tells you that now is not the right time. That negative voice tells you to wait for the stars to align, for more information to come in, or even to ignore it, hoping it will just go away. You feed your problem more energy, making it bigger and uglier. You ignore your opportunity until you see with regret someone else take the reins.

It’s been my experience that getting stuck in PROBLEM PROCRASTINATION or OPPORTUNITY OVERWHELM has the opposite effect. The problem gets bigger, more complex, and harder to handle. The opportunity feels too big to get your hands around, further away, and unattainable.

It’s been my experience that tackling your challenges or opportunities head on gives me a strong sense of control and confidence. And the problem I’m facing isn’t actually as big as it seemed in my head. And the opportunity that feels too big and out of reach is actually closer and more attainable.

The anxiety and overwhelm of waiting or ignoring is replaced with ease and forward progress.

Your turn. What do you do to avoid getting trapped in “problem procrastination” or “opportunity overwhelm?”

One way that many people across the globe have done to get out of PROBLEM PROCRASTINATION and OPPORTUNITY OVERWHELM is to join my 21-Day Challenge – Peak Brain Performance: 21 Days to Breakthroughs

You pick the problem, challenge or opportunity and I’ll guide you through a tailored roadmap to go from stuck to solutions.

Why do it now, with 4 months left in 2023? Why not wait until 2024. Here are just a few reason!

Breakthroughs Don’t Wait, They Fizzle Out: Defying comfort zones in 2023 leads to a year of triumphs, setting the stage for even greater achievements in 2024.

Adaptability Rules: Navigating challenges now hones your ability to adapt and thrive, preparing you for whatever comes your way.

Time is Precious: Every moment counts. 2024 offers 365 days of possibilities to make remarkable strides, if you start training for those moments now, in 2023. There’s a reason 95% of New Year’s Resolutions fail.