How To Turn My Idea Into A Product - Get The Passions To Profits Building Blocks


Got an idea? This is how to turn my idea into a product.

Hey everyone, Tamara here. I'm taking a break from my laptop to answer another one of your questions. This one, I think I get it a lot, but in a lot of different forms. So, let me see if I can break it down for you. The question is:

How do I get my idea off the ground?

And she wrote, not anything specific, but what kind of model, or what kind of blueprint, do you use. Such a good question and it is so helpful to have a little bit of a path or a roadmap to get you there. A couple resources that I want to point out to you. Number one is the pursuit of profits blueprint that we use. Go find it on, it's in one of our blog posts. What that helps you do, and what it will help you do, is go from what am I passionate about, what's my idea, what am I really willing to go after. To how am I actually going to monetize that and all the building blocks in between.

Who's your target market?

What's the problem that you're solving?

What's the solution that you're offering that target market?

What problem are you solving for them?

So check out pursuits to profit that'll totally help you out.

The second thing I want to tell you, this is a Huffington Post blog I just wrote so go look at that, that's the other resource. I want you to think about not what your minimum viable product, that's all the rage, that's what everybody talks about, you just need to have some duct tape and get it out there and I'm a full believer in that. But, I want you to think about is you're trying to launch an idea, is what's the blueprint to have a minimum viable plan. What's the minimum viable product, what's the minimum viable launch strategy, what's the minimum viable sales you're going after. If you have all that, the path to going from idea to market place actually becomes quite clear. Now, let me just preface that by saying that that means that you will also have tweaks and adjustments, some things will work, some things won't work along the way. But, with that minimum viable plan, you'll be able to figure all that stuff out.