How to Persuade People - What's In It For Them

Want to know how to persuade people? 

Hey Tamara here. I thought I'd take a break from work to answer a question that you submitted to me. The question is:

How do I get my clients out of their old way of thinking and into the new?

Now this question was submitted around clients, but you can also insert how do I get leaders, how do I get my customers, how do I get the marketplace, to get out of their old way of thinking. Three things I want to share with you.

1. Why should they change their old way of thinking? What's in it for them? That's the part I think most of us miss. We present these new ways of thinking, these new ideas out into the world, but we haven't connected the dots for them, to say hey and by the way here's what's in it for you. So are you positioning it in a way that actually benefits them? What's in it for them?


2. Where's the pain? Is there any pain? What are they missing out on, what are they not getting, what are they losing? Because of this old style of thinking, people move away from pain a lot quicker than they move towards something. People need to feel the pain
in order to move, in order to change their thinking.

3. Think incremental steps. We often expect people to just have these breakthrough ways of thinking. My god that old way of thinking was so wrong, now we have to go to this whole new way. But that's not really how it works and frankly that's probably not how we got there either. Think incremental baby steps and if you think about all those three things I just said, you will get them there.

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