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3 Keys To Get Your Team Over Decision-Fatigue

Episode 1946

If you type in “decision maker” into google the first 4 results that come up are random decision generators. You put in the question or your options and the decision makers decide for you. It’s on the top of the page because people are searching for it. Why? Because many people are dealing with massive…

Building a Culture of Experimentation with Brian Ardinger

Episode 1945

Whether you are operating in a startup space or a part of a huge company, something that has a huge impact on innovation is the culture of experimentation. Yet, this is not easy to cultivate in a company and requires careful and thoughtful actions from everyone. Brian Ardinger has some insights about how best to…

Speak Less To Innovate More

Episode 1944

The key to being a real innovator is simple: speak less. In this episode I share how “shutting up” is the key to uncovering innovative ideas.          Listen now to this episode on Inside LaunchStreet:      iTunes| Stitcher Radio | Spotify  Mentioned In This Episode: Facebook group Everyday Innovators Online Academy…

Getting People To Listen To Your Ideas

Episode 1943

One question I keep getting from a lot of people is, How do I get people to listen to my ideas? And the interesting thing is that these people are coming from two very different ends of the spectrum. On the one hand, I have people who are struggling with being seen as too young…

Healthy Versus Unhealthy Mindset From The Mind Of A 12 Year Old

Episode 1942

Somehow, kids just have a way of being blunt, direct and insightful without even trying. This podcast is a treat and full of value bombs. My sons and I often sit on the couch and chat before they go off to school. Sometimes what they say is so wise beyond their years that I started…

Keeping The Magic Alive

Episode 1941

We’ve all been there. We get started on a new project and we’re all excited and brimming with new ideas, but over time, we tend to fall back on old tricks and habits. It feels like the magic fades and it becomes so hard to keep it going, especially when the doubting and naysaying comes…

What I Believe About Your Ability to Innovate

Episode 1940

I’m often asked why I focus so heavily on human-centered innovation and why I know that’s the difference between mediocrity and amazing. Well, in this quick episode I’m going to tackle that question and give you some quick but eye-opening context to how I know you have more to give too.        Listen…

Pushing Through The Bottom Of The J-Curve

Episode 1939

Most of us start off the new year with some ideas or resolutions of things we want to achieve, improve, or change from the previous year. However, not a lot of us make it to the end of seeing our resolutions through an entire year. What’s stopping us? The reason for this — and the…

How Steve Taught Me He’s Not The Only One That Can Innovate

Episode 1938

I used to believe that being innovative or considered an innovator was only for the select few. You know the ones with the blue streaks in their hair, the funky glasses and cool shoes. Turns out, I was totally wrong. Steve showed me the hard way that innovation is for everyone, even me (and you). …

3 Keys To Human Performance

Episode 1937

Why do some people elevate to their highest level, and some people don’t? How can we all tap into our incredible ability to innovate and put it to work to perform at our maximum potential? In reading and researching the topic of human performance, I realized that the foundation to elevating human performance lies in…