• Tap your greatest competitive advantage – your innovative mind •
• Perform at your peak •
• Be innovative, on demand •

“I’ve taken every personality assessment out there but this is the first one that helped me understand how I bring my best, most innovative self to the world.”

-Gayle, Minneapolis

IQE isn’t your average personality test. The IQE is about how you tap your best asset – your innovative mind – and stand out in a cluttered world.

Train Your Brain To Be Innovative... On Demand

Let The Awesomely Innovative Ideas In Your Work And Life Flow

Unleash Your Inner Rock Star Innovator... Daily

“For the first time, I am empowered to be my best self and the tools to make it happen every day. It’s been a life-changer for me. Now when I hit the brick wall I know how to get under, over, around or even move the wall because I’m an Inquisitive Futuristic!”
– Helen, Montana

Your IQE Custom Report Includes:

  • Your unique Innovator Archetype profile
  • Deep description on how you perform at your peak and add value 
  • Tools for using innovation as your competitive edge
  • Methods for being innovative on demand
  • Intro videos to help you better understand your Innovator Archetype
  • Tools and templates for each of the 9 Innovation Triggers so that you can put your innovation strengths to work for you
  • Each month we add new high value content so that you can continue to be an innovation rock star!’

“Wow, now that I know how I innovate I am able to do more of it. It’s that simple. I was totally playing to my weaknesses before and now I’m rocking it and people are noticing”

– Michael, Chicago

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