Why Clients Love It:

Transforms high potential individuals to high performance team members, builds real collaboration and smart risk taking. Unlocks the greatest untapped asset of individuals and teams – the innovative mind – to solve biggest challenges and greatest opportunities.


Why Clients Love It:

Creates a lasting culture of innovation that becomes an organization’s greatest competitive advantage. Builds teams where being highly engaged, solution-minded, and stretch thinking is the norm. Creates an organization that leverages changing marketplace to its advantage and moves at the speed of innovation.


Why Clients Love It:

Generates excitement and engagement with attendees as they learn to unlock their greatest asset – their innovative mind – in work and life. By taking the assessment prior to the conference or meeting, attendees get insights and value before they even walk through the conference doors and leave with lasting insights that impact them personally. Innovation becomes more than lip service and the IQE in combination with Tamara’s keynotes set a the tone.

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